The best podcasts for seniors

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Podcasts are a fantastic way for older adults to learn about new things, listen to topics of interest, catch up on the latest news or sports results, or to sit back and have a laugh!

If you haven’t already discovered the never-ending wonder of podcasts, keep reading! If you have, here are 10 more podcasts to add to your list.

This article was originally published by Care About.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio or video recording of a particular topic or discussion. Podcasts can be downloaded to your chosen device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), or they can be streamed.

Podcasts are generally free to listen to and are available through apps you can download to your device. 

How do I find and listen to a podcast?

The easiest way to find podcasts is through a podcast app you download to your smartphone or tablet. 

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, try the Google Podcast app. Head to the Google Play store and search for Google Podcast.

If you use Apple products (iPhone or iPad), use the app called Podcasts (most of the time, this app will already be installed on your iPhone or iPad). If not, go to the App Store and type Podcasts into the search bar.

You can also listen to podcasts using the Spotify app.

Once you’ve downloaded your podcast app, use the search function within the app to hunt for topics or people that interest you. 

There are SO MANY podcasts to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve pulled together 10 podcasts that we think are excellent, and will be the perfect starting point for your podcast adventure!

10 great podcasts for seniors:

TED Talks Daily

If you haven’t already discovered TED Talks, this one is a must! TED Talks showcase speakers who have ‘ideas worth spreading’, and can cover almost any topic you could think of! Listen here.

Ageing with Purpose

This podcast brings together information on what it is to age positively, how the brain changes as we age, and how pain can affect us, with industry experts speaking about what they think the aged care landscape should look like – what needs to change and what does an age friendly city look like? Find it here.

Gardening Australia

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Gardening Australia brings you everything you need to know about creating and growing a beautiful, healthy garden. This podcast is a video podcast and is great if you’re a gardening novice or already an expert. Find the podcast here.

Casefile true crime

If you like a scary thrill, this one could be for you. True crime podcasts are incredibly popular, and this is one of the best. The podcasts walks you through real-life crimes, both solved and unsolved, from all over the world. You’ll delve into the nitty gritty and get insights into the behind the scenes investigations. Not afraid? Listen here.

Stuff you should know

Is your general knowledge up to scratch? This podcast covers everything from chaos theory through to how the game of rock paper scissors came about. Subscribe to this podcast and you’ll be the most desired person at any trivia night! Listen here.

Conversations: with Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski

The Conversations podcast delves into the lives of people who have done or seen incredible things. Ever wondered what it’s like to be Sharon Stone’s stunt double, or to have spent the last 40 years collecting and researching butterflies? Listen on, here. 

Triple M Footy AFL

This one is for all the footy lovers out there. Get the inside scoop on player movements, ins and outs for upcoming games, interviews with coaches and players and game recaps. If you live and breathe footy, this podcast may just become your new best friend. Find it here.

The Better Ageing Podcast

With great information and advice on how to manage things like joint pain and arthritis, diabetes, and mobility and strength, this podcast is a great one to have in your back pocket. It’s excellent for carers as well, with many tips on how to care well for a loved one. Learn how you might be able to live healthier and longer, and get the most out of your mind and body. Listen here. 

No Such Thing As A Fish (QI/BBC)

Are you a fan of the BBC show, QI? The makers of QI get together on this weekly podcast and discuss all of the best things they’ve heard that week. In true QI fashion, you’ll learn some truly interesting facts and ideas while laughing until you cry. Find it here.

Super Soul Sessions (Oprah)

Oprah Winfrey connects with thought-leaders, spiritual leaders, authors and health and wellness experts, bringing together an exceptional podcast that aims to awaken, spark connection and broaden your relationship to the world around you. Listen here.

This article was originally published by Care About.

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