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Self-Managed Home Care Packages

It’s no secret that most older Australians want to continue living at home, as independently as they can, as they grow older. It’s been the finding of every survey, investigation and report on aged care services for decades and it’s been a major driver of government policy on aged care.

The Home Care Package (HCP) program, which provides four different levels of support at home with different levels of funding attached, is the fastest growing component of the aged care system. In the 10 years between 30 June 2010 and 30 June 2020, the number of people receiving Government subsidised home care packages…

Sexuality and aging

How people experience and express their sexuality will change throughout their lives. Aging brings about natural changes, both physically and emotionally, which can affect our reproductive health, sexual intimacy and sexual response or arousal.

As we all approach later life, two of the things which brought us the greatest joy and took up most of our energies and time – our children and/or our careers – are no longer as prevalent in our everyday life. This means that our personal relationships take on an increased importance. While the frequency or ability to perform sexually will generally decline modestly as seniors experience the normal, physiological changes that accompany aging…


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Combining Tradition with Technology

What is virtual reality and why are aged care providers embracing it?

Colin Pudsey

If you’ve been looking at ways to encourage your elderly loved one to consider moving into an Aged Care residential facility, then knowing that “virtual reality” could be your best advocate. An increasing number of residential providers are embracing this technology for its many benefit.

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Is Multi-Generational Living for You & Yours?

Pat M. Irwin, AICB

Advances in homecare, public transportation, assistive technologies and increased mobility have made it possible for more older adults to decide where and how they would like to live—and a growing number are deciding to share a roof with their children and grandchildren.

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7 Question to ask Home Care Providers

Australian Carers Guide

Most carers find that picking the right at-home care provider for their elderly loved one can be quite a challenge. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of  the most important 7 questions that you should ask a home care service provider before enlisting their services.

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Home Care – Assessments Explained

Being a carer for an elderly loved one is challenging enough without being expected to know and remember the many Acronyms used in the Aged Care sector. When looking to get your loved one assessed, you will most likely come across terms like RAS/ACAT/ACAS but what do they mean and how are they different?

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Carer Payments – Are you receiving all you can?

Rosie Bourton

If you provide unpaid care to a loved one who has a disability or is frail aged, then you’re a carer.  As unpaid carers help to relieve pressures in our healthcare system, the Government makes financial payments and services available to assist carers and their families. They include:

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Self-Care is not Selfish

Let’s face it. Although caring for someone can be rewarding, it can also be an exhausting journey, even for the saints among us. It is hard to adjust to the feeling of being stuck and that your life is passing you by.

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I’m not a carer – or am I?

In Australia today, there are around 2.7 million people looking after a family member with a disability, medical condition, mental illness, or frailty due to age. Most do not see themselves as carers. Instead, they think of themselves as children, parents, partners, relatives or friends who are caring for someone close to them.

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How To Deal With Anxiety?

Feelings of anxiety can be normal and healthy, or they can indicate an anxiety problem. It’s normal, for example, to feel afraid when a large dog snaps at you or to worry when a family member is several hours late and has not called. These feelings can help you to protect yourself and others you care about…

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Dementia v Alzheimer’s disease Maree Mc Cabe AM CEO of Dementia Australia Explains

Many people have heard of dementia but might not understand what it is or what the difference is between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Dementia is a progressive, fatal disease of the brain…

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Homemade Vegetarian Pizza

What’s a festive season without pizza! Spelt grain is an ancient form of wheat, much higher in fiber and easier to digest than modern wheat. Leaving you feeling less sluggish and bloated.

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