How to navigate aged care packages

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Downsizing and retirement living planning is like playing chess — you need to stay one step ahead, and the financial ins and outs of aged care can feel overwhelming. Does the family home have to be sold? How does means testing work? What about paying lump sums to go into aged care?

Australian Carers Guide contributor, Principal of Aged Care Gurus and author of ‘Downsizing Made Simple’, Rachel Lane talks to Lisa Leong on ABC radio about the differences between home aged care packages and aged care, how they work, and the processes behind them.

Click here to listen to Rachel’s segment.

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  1. We had a bad experience.
    I have received an assessment.
    All I need is someone to mow the lawn.
    One provider wanted 26% of the assessment.
    I asked whether I could buy an oxygen concentrator out of the money. I was told yes.
    The machine costs $5,000. I was told to get all the details and give it to them. They would then add 26% to the cost of the machine and then order it, When they receive it they would then add a further 26% to it and then deliver it to me. This machine would then cost $7,938.
    What a racket.
    In addition to this, if a did sign up I would lose my pension.
    This is a racket.
    Another Incident.
    I am 78 years old and have a chronic condition.
    Age Care came out and advised me I need to change my bathroom to suite my condition.
    Age Care would put $10,000 towards it, but I need to use Vision Australia.
    I received a quote from them for $38,000 less $10,000= $28,000.
    I received a quote from another party for $27,000 which included a toilet. I asked whether I can still get the $10,000 to help and got told NO.
    I consider both need to be reviewed. As a suggestion is maybe Age Care obtain three quotes and let the patient choose who they want.

    Very disappointed with how Age Care operate.
    John R.

    1. Hi John R, it may help you to call the Aged Care Advocacy helpline on 1800 700 600 to see if they can advocate on your behalf with the organisations you are dealing with.

    2. Hi John, we’re very sorry to hear about your experience. Please try giving Rachel Lane – the author of this article – a call on 1300 855 770 as she may be able to offer you some advice.

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