Angela Feery-Richards, Franchisor, Simply Helping
Aptly named, Simply Helping is committed to personalised and flexible in-home care services for thousands of older and disabled Australians.

Since 1998, Simply Helping has been committed to provide skilled and trusted in-home care and support services that add value, meaning and dignity to the lives of others.

It has been a true labour of love for Founder, Director and Franchisor, Angela Feery-Richards, who created a very successful franchise model for Simply Helping in 2008.

With more than 15 Simply Helping franchises peppered around Australia, Simply Helping is there to help clients live their best life at home including senior care, respite and personal care to pet sitting and home maintenance.

Australian Carers Guide recently spoke to Angela as she revealed the passion she has for the industry and what it takes to deep dive into aged and disability care with fulfilment and joy.

What do you love about the industry and your job?
Having worked in this sector for a number of decades, I wanted to continue to be surrounded with like-minded people who genuinely want to help others. 

With my skillsets and experience, I can work on the strategic growth and direction of Simply Helping to ensure our franchisees have the support they need to flourish and maintain quality in their services.
Another thing that is very important to me and Simply Helping franchisees is that we maintain the highest of integrity for your industry and that includes ensuring that we are compliant in the quality and safety standards in both the aged and disability sector.

What are two pieces of advice for anyone wanting to be part of the aged care industry and a franchisee?
Do your homework and be clear on the goals you want to achieve during this journey.
Being a franchisee, especially in this sector is an intimate and fulfilling role.  But make sure you are diligent in looking at the franchisee model and to see if it is a good fit for you and what you want to achieve.
When it comes to aged care, it is a blue-sky industry but it is imperative that you invest wisely when it comes to things like registration.  Having all the due diligence in place will allow you to reap in the benefits in the long term.

What’s new at Simply Helping?
Simply Helping continues to evolve and grow wholly with its intimate approach to home care.  The model is well beyond the home maintenance and domestic duties, which we still do with great pride.  We are finding that clients are seeking more social engagement through respite and interaction, as well as needing an extension of themselves so their quality of life is maintained.  Our priority in community care has seen our clients become more mobile and open in their needs for companionship and conversation.  And at Simply Helping, we have that in spades!

What sets your organisation apart from the others?
Simply Helping’s values are the foundation in what we do and how we do it.  With each task we perform, we do with respect, fairness and with integrity. Front of mind always is the safety and well-being of all our clients as well as being fair and responsive to their needs.

It is this intimate approach as a private company which really sets us apart in the sector.  Using the franchise model, we can ensure that our franchisees focus on the one territory, which is usually the area which they live.  This formula has proven to be a sound, successful and consistent approach in the way we service our valuable clients.

On a lighter note, what would be your ultimate holiday destination?

Pre-covid, it was travelling to Port Douglas with my four sisters.  It was always such a glorious time.
I would also love to set my sights on Europe, travelling through Italy as well as going north to countries like Scandinavia.  And India would also be a place I would love to explore.

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  1. Hi Angela,
    We, as a family love to get into aged care for the love of caring for older people .
    We don’t have the finances to buy into a franchise but would greatly appreciate it if you could help us to buy into one on a rental plan basis .
    We would appreciate your training and support to make our journey and successful and fulfilling experience.
    Please get to me if you can help?

    1. Hi Mahmoud, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this article. We suggest contacting Angela directly through Simply Helping, as we’re unable to assist you on this. Let us know how you get on.

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