Aged care workers win up to 28.5 per cent wage rise

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Aged care workers are celebrating a substantial wage increase of up to 28.5%. This long-awaited boost comes following a Fair Work Commission decision last week.

“Effectively, for personal carers, there’s an increase between 18 per cent and 28 per cent. Home care, between 15 per cent and 26 per cent,” Health Services Union (HSU) president Gerard Hayes said.

For some workers, that will mean an increase of more than $9 per hour.

The wage rise underscores the pivotal role that aged care workers play in our society. These dedicated professionals provide essential support and care to our elderly population, often in demanding and challenging circumstances.

One of the significant benefits of this wage rise is its potential to attract more individuals to the aged care profession.

With improved compensation, more people may be enticed to pursue careers in aged care, leading to a larger pool of skilled and committed workers.

This influx of talent can positively impact the quality of care provided to elderly individuals, ensuring adequate staffing levels and enhancing overall resident experiences.

The HSU lodged its case for a 25 per cent pay increase for all aged care workers with the Fair Work Commission in 2020, arguing the work had been “undervalued because of its increasing complexity and its overwhelmingly feminised workforce”.

The Fair Work Commission handed down an interim 15 per cent pay increase last year. That increase is included in the larger raises delivered last week.

This wage increase marks a significant step towards recognising and valuing the critical work of aged care workers. It sends a powerful message of appreciation and support to those who dedicate their careers to caring for our aging population.

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  1. pity it doesnt include family who care for elderly relatives. oh thats right family carers arent workers.

  2. What about the Registered nurses that receive approximately $20 an hour less in the aged care industry compared with their Hospital colleagues. This send a message that Aged Care RNs have less worth.

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