5 Important Reasons for Connecting With Seniors


Article by 

Jolene Hill

There are many reasons to connect with our seniors in the community – here are our top 5!

1. Social Separation

The impact of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements on our ageing population has exacerbated the risk of social separation. Re-engagement after lengthy periods of isolation can be difficult for connecting with Seniors.

2. Loneliness

Many Seniors in residential aged care have experienced mental health issues during confinement to their rooms without visitors. Loneliness can also affect Seniors living alone and even those who are living with their families.

Men struggling with isolation can often go unnoticed due to the social stigma that surrounds male loneliness making it difficult for them to discuss such issues.

3. Disengagement

Social disengagement can be experienced in many forms, including psychological, emotional and physical, resulting in isolation and loneliness. This can lead to mobility and cognitive changes in older people, who then require additional care and support.

4. Mental Health

There can be many changes experienced in our later years, some of which can be sudden and life-changing. The death of a loved one, having to move into a care facility, loss of independence, accidents, and illness can all cause overwhelming grief and depression.

5. Isolation and Withdrawal

As we grow older, there may be a tendency to feel less relevant to the people around us. We tend to withdraw as a result, and this isolation can lead to a greater risk of loneliness and depression.

What tools are available?

Regardless of their circumstances, all older people will benefit from support to assist them with social engagement. That may be interacting with the people within their living accommodations or with the outside community. Family, carers and volunteers can assist with this goal.

The Your Life Talks conversation starter card decks and newly updated smartphone App can help to re-establish our connections with our Seniors. The process of reflecting on their life is a meaningful activity for both the older person and others engaged in the conversations.

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  1. Hi, my name is Tanya Maureen Hollitt. I am 50 years old, Australian Citizen that was born and raised in Adelaide. I have always had a passion and respect for our Seniors higher than most, and to be allowed to make another person’s life better in any way would be fabulous. I have experienced all of the above conditions suffered by many of our seniors for which I had to self-heal.

    At your convenience would you kindly email to the below address information, forms, etc., the requirements to become approved as a member of this program? I await in anticipation.

    Kindest regards

    Tanya Maureen Hollitt

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