New aged care furniture solves age old problem


The Royal Commission into Aged Care revealed that aged care residents’ independence, dignity, and mobility were not priorities. This is not good enough.

In response, LifeCare Furniture has set out to make much needed change. Introducing SYSTM: the first furniture line that can be easily disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and reupholstered in a matter of minutes. 

 SYSTM is the most sustainable and cost-effective aged-care furniture on the market, significantly extending the life of the average aged care chair that usually only lasts a couple months or even weeks! 

 SYSTM aims to protect the dignity and independence of aged care residents while making the life of the carer as easy as possible. 

The secret is in the unique proprietary key, allowing SYSTM furniture to be cleaned and refreshed within a few clicks, no professional help required. Additional information, including the SYSTM range, can also be found on SYSTM’s website:

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