Double wave COVID-19 outbreak impacting our most vulnerable citizens

Covid Outbreak

With a new double wave of COVID-19 infections sweeping across Victoria and New South Wales, there has been a concerning increase in infection levels in our most vulnerable citizens.

According to the Department of Health and Aged Care’s national snapshot, as of January 11, 2024, there were 3195 active COVID-19 cases in 459 active outbreaks in Australian residential aged care facilities.

There have been 204 new outbreaks, 32 new resident deaths, and 2961 combined new resident and staff cases reported since January 4, 2024.

“We know that older age is the biggest risk factor for severe COVID-19 disease, so it’s imperative all the protective tools are utilised to help reduce the risk of severe illness, hospitalisation, and death,” says Daniel Seldon from Aussie Pharma Direct.

“That includes keeping up to date with vaccinations, the wearing of quality P2 face masks, undertaking a rapid antigen test when you feel unwell, and the regular use of hand sanitiser.

“As of January 10, 2024, only 30.1% of aged care residents nationally had received a booster dose in the last six months. That’s a rather concerning figure and needs to improve if we are to keep our elderly safe and healthy.”

New test that screens for Covid

With the cost-of-living crisis hitting everyone, there’s a new affordable rapid antigen test called Sonictec which screens for COVID-19 as well as Influenza A and B in the one test. Costing around 50% less than many other brands, it opens the door to a much wider market, yet still delivers very high accuracy and specificity results.

“While it’s easy to dismiss COVID-19 as a simple cold, flu, and a minor inconvenience, it’s a bit of a Russian Roulette, and the more times you get it, the higher your chance of getting long COVID, and no one wants that, that’s for sure,” says Sheldon.

“A simple, yet effective protective measure for peace of mind is the use of face masks, like the Australian made AMD P2 Nano-Tech ones that have been proven to filter out ≥ 99.66% of airborne particles.”

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