15 fun Mother’s Day activities for seniors


Spending quality time with the important woman (or women) in your life is a wonderful and thoughtful way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

To help you plan something special, we rounded up 15 fun Mother’s Day activities for seniors.

This article was originally published by our friends at Daily Caring.

7 activities for seniors who like to go out

These 7 activities are perfect for older adults who enjoy getting out of the house.

They can be done together with family and friends or one-on-one for quality time together.

  1. Share a relaxed meal at their favourite restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a fancy place, just somewhere they really enjoy.
  2. Visit a nearby park to enjoy a picnic or a leisurely stroll.
  3. Stroll through a shopping mall to window shop and people watch. Outdoor malls are fantastic in good weather. Indoor malls have the advantage of being temperature-controlled. Generally, malls have ample seating for taking breaks, plenty of snacks and drinks, and lots of bathrooms.
  4. Visit a botanical garden to see some beautiful flowers. If the weather is nice, you could also bring a picnic lunch.
  5. Art lovers may enjoy visiting a nearby museum. A good conversation starter is to ask them open ended questions about the pieces they like best.
  6. For someone who is really excited about a hobby (like art, gardening, music), do the activity with them or join in a class they take.
  7. Take a sports fan to watch a live game – whether it’s a local or national team, it’s sure to be a good time.

8 activities for seniors who like to stay in

These 8 activities are perfect for older adults who enjoy staying home.

Many are great for a group of family and friends and some are just as fun one-on-one.

  1. Cook their favourite meal or get takeout from their favourite restaurant. Arrange the food on nice plates and decorate the table. You might even want to go all out with candles, flowers, and fancy china.
  2. Throw a casual potluck party where everyone brings a dish and spends time relaxing, chatting, and eating together.
  3. Bake cookies or cook a favourite dish together. Depending on their abilities and interests, they could work side-by-side with you, prep a few simple ingredients, or observe and be your taste tester.
  4. Enjoy a sparkling non-alcoholic “cocktail” as a way to fancy-up afternoon snack time. Add sparkling juice or bubbly water to lemonade, juice, or iced tea and put it in a nice cup.
  5. Play their favorite music and have a sing-a-long or just sit and enjoy the tunes together.
  6. Read aloud from a book of their choice. Some may even enjoy taking a turn at reading!
  7. Do a puzzle or play cards or a board game together.
  8. Relax together while watching a favourite movie or TV show.
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