Three steps to finding home care services in Australia

How to find home care

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Stephanie Allen

Increased government funding for home care services has driven an influx of home care agencies, home help businesses and aged care providers delivering home care services to Australian seniors. 

More funding means more choices, which is great – but when it comes to finding home care, how can you find a quality, compatible home care provider near you? 

Aged Care Decisions’ FREE matching service can assist.  Read on to find out how:

How can home care services help me?

Home care services can be as unique as an individual’s specific needs and can include:

  • Housework, cleaning, and garden maintenance
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Household organisation, paying bills, shopping.
  • Nursing and dementia care
  • Travel support
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship and social engagement

Read more: What can my home care package funds be used for?

What makes a good home care service provider?

Things to consider include:

  • Availability – how often will services be required? Is the provider available now?
  • Qualifications – does the provider need to have nursing or other qualifications/experience?
  • Consistency – would you like the same person coming to the home regularly and reliably?
  • Compatibility – what personality traits will suit the individual receiving care?
  • Cost – does a provider offer value for money?
  • Location – are there providers in your area offering care specific to your needs? Are you in a major city like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth? Will an in-home aged care service provider travel to you?

Ideally, an aged care in home provider will deliver the unique combination of home help you need, in the area you live, at an affordable price, using qualified, and dedicated staff who are a compatible match for you or your loved one receiving care.

How to choose a home care provider

How do I go about finding home care service providers?

Coordinating good home care isn’t always simple. Finding and securing suitable in-home aged care can be an emotional rollercoaster of phone calls, confusion, disappointment, and frustration. 

Aged Care Decisions makes the home care journey so much easier for thousands of Australian families each month.  Here’s how…

They are a 100% FREE and independent service matching elderly Australians with home care providers.  Their professionally trained Placement Specialists use custom-built software to consider care needs, location, budget, and personal preferences to collate appropriate and available care options tailored for you – with less stress and at zero cost. 

Three steps to finding good home care providers.

1. Check your eligibility for subsidised care

Two government-funded home care programs aim to ensure we are well looked after as we age: 

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP): an entry-level home care program for elderly Australians who only need one or two basic services to help them live independently at home.

Home Care Packages provide regular home care funding for people requiring more complex care. Four levels of home care packages cover everything from basic services to higher care needs.

Eligibility for these programs depends on your age, financial situation, and care needs. You must be 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) and need some help to remain living at home.

The fastest way to check your eligibility is to use My Aged Care’s eligibility checker or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. 

Read more about eligibility: Who is eligible for a home care package?

Read more about the CHSP: All about CHSP – the Commonwealth Home Support Program

2. Complete the ACAT assessment process

Government organisation My Aged Care coordinates Home Care Packages.

To be allocated a Home Care Package you must complete an assessment process which requires:

a)  Applying for an assessment. You can apply online here:   Apply for an aged care assessment | My Aged Care or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

b)  A face-to-face assessment conducted by a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to determine your care needs and your eligibility.

c)  Approval of your Home Care Package

d)  Allocation of funds for your Home Care Package

This process can take between 3 and 12 months depending on demand, your location, and the level of care you require.

Read more about ACAT assessments:

ACAT Assessment Guide – everything you need to know

3.  Find and compare Home Care Package providers

Aged Care Decisions can help you find Home Care Providers that suit your unique needs,

Their 100% FREE matching service helps tens of thousands of Australian families to navigate aged care using custom-built software, aged care expertise, valuable support, and professional advice.

Their service is 100% independent and unbiased. Home Care Package Providers pay them a set fee – which is the same for every provider – so they have no reason to recommend one provider over another. Their sole focus is to take the stress and confusion out of the aged care journey for families.

Contact Aged Care Decisions to receive a personalised home care Options Report. They are ready to assist you now. 

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