The 11 Best Apps for Carers

Apps for the elderly

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Discover Our Favourite Must-Have Apps Designed to Make Your Life Easier

If a recent report by The Australian Communications and Media Authority is anything to go by, it’s estimated that approximately 95% of Australians use a smartphone. And while our collective use of screen time is another conversation entirely, there’s no doubt about it, smart phones go a long way to simplifying our lives. From Google Maps to Whatsapp, easy-to-follow directions and contact with loved ones are only ever a click away, and there are several other apps specifically designed to help make things easier for the elderly among us. From personal safety apps to one that offers information of ages care facilities in Australia, read on to find out more about our some of our favourite apps, all of which are designed to make your life easier!   


Over 3 million Australians use MedAdvisor – a life-changing app designed to make ordering and managing medications a breeze. A bespoke medication tracker that gives you full control over your prescription needs, MedAdvisor is a virtual pill-reminder app that never misses a beat.


Medisafe Medication Management

This medication management app is suitable for anyone who needs to keep track of their medications. Medisafe offers features like medication reminders, pill identification, and medication interaction checking. It helps seniors take their medications on time and avoid potential health risks.

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Senior Discounts Australia

Senior Discounts Australia is an app that helps seniors find discounts and special offers on a wide range of products and services, including dining, shopping, travel, and healthcare. It’s a useful tool for saving money and enjoying various perks in retirement.


The 11 Best Apps for Carers

My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

My SOS Family Emergency Alerts is a personal safety app designed for older adults. It allows seniors to send emergency alerts to their designated contacts with just a few taps. Unlike other apps that rely on text, this app also calls emergency contacts, always prioritising its user’s safety.


The Dementia-Friendly Home

Using interactive 3D game technology Unreal Engine, the app provides carers with ideas to make their home more accessible for people living with dementia. Many of the app suggestions are small, inexpensive solutions ranging to more significant changes.


Carers Couch

Specifically designed for those caring for someone with cancer, Carers Couch supports unpaid carers to make caring more manageable. Whatever you need, this app can guide and connect you to services, solutions and emotional or community support.



An acronym for “I am not Alone”, IANACare offers an integrated platform for family and caregivers that organises and mobilises support.  Next time someone asks you “How can I help?”, just tell them to join your IANACare team.  Best of all it allows you to get help without asking – you simply post the task under the category you need help with and your support group will receive a notification they can respond to if able.  It also allows you to build personal social circles and access expert content.



Waywiser is an app that offers a secure environment for connecting your family, trusted caregivers, or intimate friends in the collective management of a loved one’s well-being. Within this platform, you can effortlessly share daily caregiving updates, coordinate calendar events and appointments, as well as monitor tasks, medications, and any aspect of your caregiving routine. Additionally, the application facilitates private messaging and the seamless sharing of photos, videos, and cherished memories.



The simple way to build a wonderful community, Care App is a powerful communication and engagement platform for aged care providers. It brings providers residents carers and families together to build a wonderful care community and supports seniors to love the way they live. Additionally, the app helps to bridge the gap between families and aged-care providers. It provides a personalised and reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of loved ones, all in a secure and private onlibe care community.



A health app for carers designed to receive friends and family support for caring. A mobile carer that helps you manage the care of loved ones, the CircleOf app helps carers to connect with family members to coordinate the care of loved ones in need of care. Manage caring tasks in one place, and keep track of doctor’s appointments and the daily to-do list is simple with their task management features.


Worry Tree

Caring for loved one is no mean feat, and if you find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed, the WorryTree app aims to help you take control of worry wherever you are.  You can use the app to record whatever you feel worried about. It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help you notice and challenge your worries. It can also help you create an action plan for managing worry.


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