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Australian Carers Guide is available at over 2,500 News Agencies across Australia

Through high rotation national TV, Radio and Online advertising, we will be informing as many of the 2.7 million primary caregivers as possible about our exclusive guide, the benefits within and that it is now available to purchase at their local news agent.

Advertising in the Australian Caregiver’s Guide gives you the opportunity to reach a whole new customer base of caregivers within the massive mainstream market which J may have previously proven too difficult or costly to reach alone.

We do the big media spend and heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

We're out in the marketplace driving new customers to you which is what makes us different than any other brand.

Did you know...
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    The average print magazine reader spends 53 minutes reaching each issue.

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    Print magazines are #1 in reaching super influential consumers because of their timeless value and credibility.

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    Magazines offer advertisers highly targeted, captive audiences — and the ability to reach niche markets and an uninterrupted environment.

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    In a 2019 study, 73% of magazine readers made a purchase based on a print ad in niche magazines. See Below

What do all these titles have in common?

Readers Digest


Better Homes & Gardens

National Geographic

The Monthly Time


Family Circle

They are predominantly read by Baby Boomers 50+ who have an overwhelming preference for purchasing and reading print publications. Their sales increase every year bucking the trend and solely attributed to their 50+ readership.

Why advertise with us

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    Size of market: Our guide was created to help and support the market of over 2.7 million carers who are currently unreached and hidden in families across Australia.

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    Print consumers: Almost 90% of Australia’s primary carers are Baby Boomers 50+ and are the largest consumers and readers of print.

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    Through the regular use of TV, Radio and Online advertising, we will ensure that the bulk of the 2.7 million primary carers are reached and informed that they can obtain a printed copy of the Australian Carers Guide at their local newsagency.

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    How this benefits you: We can deliver new leads to you because we are the only Aged Care publication that penetrates the mainstream market where the bulk of our unreached primary carers reside.