Here’s how to find accessible beaches

Accessible Beaches

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Lucy Pearson

When it comes to things that Australia does best, suffice it to say that it’s a country renowned for its stunning beaches. And with a coastline that spans a whopping 25,000km, whiling away a day at the beach is about as quintessentially Australian as it gets. But for numerous older Australians – particularly those while mobility issues who are reliant on a walker or a wheelchair – such a pastime has become a distant memory due to accessibility challenges.

Thankfully, there have been widespread efforts across Australia to make sure more and more beaches are now wheelchair friendly, with wide boardwalks, beach wheelchairs, ramps, and wheelchair friendly facilities, meaning that people of all ages and levels of mobility are able to get up close and personal with Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

And if you want to find out your nearest accessible beach, The Accessible Beach Directory is the most detailed directory listing of accessible beaches in Australia. A user-friendly website that lets potential beachgoers – who might have mobility issues – to discover the closest accessible beaches based on their postcode, it makes finding the nearest wheelchair-friendly beach a breeze. Visit Accessible Beaches to find your nearest accessible beach today!

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