Newsagency list

Available to all primary caregivers at over 4000 news agencies throughout Australia.

Here’s a couple of reasons why, and what it means to you.

  1. Size of market: Our guide was created to help and support the market of over 2.2 million caregivers who are currently unreached and hidden in families across Australia.
  2. Print consumers: Almost 90% of Australia’s primary caregivers are Baby Boomers 50+ and are the largest consumers and readers of print.
  3. National television: Using TV Advertising, we will ensure that the bulk of the 2.2 million primary caregivers are reached and directed to obtain a copy at their local news agency or online.
  4. How this benefits you: We can deliver new leads to you because we are the only Aged Care publication that penetrates the mainstream market where the bulk of primary caregivers reside.

Hospital list

Partnering with Major Hospitals

Social Workers/Discharge Planners will give an individual copy of the Australian Caregiver’s Guide to the family caregiver upon discharge of their elderly loved one.

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