Top technology for the elderly

Top technology for the elderly

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Devices and apps designed to boost happiness and wellbeing

In an era where technology is integral to how – and how easily – we live, it’s crucial to recognise its potential to enhance the lives of all age groups, particularly the elderly among us. When it comes to technology for the elderly, wellbeing apps designed specifically for seniors have emerged as a method of digital support, catering to the unique needs of the elderly and fostering a holistic approach to health and happiness.

The aging process brings with it a myriad of physical, emotional, and mental changes, making the pursuit of wellbeing an ever-evolving journey. From mindfulness exercises and personalised fitness routines to social connectivity platforms, a new wave of wellbeing apps is empowering seniors to embrace a life of wellness, independence, and joy. Read on for our pick of the best technology for the elderly including the best apps to boost happiness and wellbeing.

The best technology for the elderly


In 2012, following an incident where their diabetic father inadvertently overdosed on insulin, Omri and Rotem Shor devised an app to assist individuals in monitoring their medication intake. The Medisafe app, born out of a personal crisis, has since gained popularity globally, with seven million users. Serving as a comprehensive medication management tool, Medisafe is technology for the elderly at its very best: it offers reminder notifications for pill consumption, prompts users to reorder prescriptions, and boasts a database of 30,000 warnings about potential severe drug interactions. It can also be linked with a loved one, ensuring they receive confirmation when meds are taken. Search for Medisafe wherever you get your apps.


A one-stop-shop for all health-related matters, Healthdirect provides a platform for checking symptoms, offers advice on next steps and assists in finding a health service when needed. A great piece of technology for the elderly, it also offers useful information on what to expect if you’re facing a procedure. Search for Healthdirect wherever you get your apps.

Ten Percent Happier

This app is all about helping you relieve stress, sleep better, practice gratitude, and live in the present moment. It features education on how to meditate, a library of over 500 meditation videos for all different occasions, and uplifting stories filled with wisdom and motivation, all of which are designed to help its users to make mindfulness into a habit. For any elderly people struggling with loneliness, Ten Percent Happier can help foster a healthy mindset of positivity and optimism. Search for Ten Percent Happier wherever you get your apps.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes serves as an ideal aid for seniors facing visual limitations. It links individuals to a vast network of volunteers ready to offer their assistance by sharing their vision. Once connected with a volunteer, they gain access to your device’s rear camera, allowing them to perceive your surroundings. Through the app, you can engage in a conversation with the volunteer, who can provide guidance on various tasks such as operating a remote, reading small text, or navigating the web. Search for Be My Eyes wherever you get your apps.


Offering an alternative to an aged care home, the Chuffty app gives carers visibility via a secure web portal of the activities undertaken by your relative or loved one. Perfect for seniors who wish to live independently in their own homes, but who may require various types of support to ensure their safety, health, and well-being. The Chuffty app provides support in these areas can help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. Offering discrete monitoring, Chuffty uses your existing internet connection to alert you when different types of activity occurs. Search for Chuffty wherever you get your apps.

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